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Land Rover Engine Servicing – Part Two – what should your servicing include.

In last weeks post, we discussed why having your Land Rover Engine well maintained and serviced was vital to your Land Rovers reliability and safety.

Below are some other items that are crucial to ensuring you are getting the best from your Land Rover Servicing.

What should your Land Rover Engine service include:

  • Timing belt/chain: Over time your belt can stretch, wear or break causing massive damage to your engine. The check is done at intervals and can take a while (often a day)
  • Spark/glow plugs: Your engine requires combustion of fuel to run requiring a spark from these plugs to ignite the air/fuel mixture. If these are not changed when advised you are risk of them misfiring, engine damage or difficulty starting the engine.
  • Valve clearance: or “checking the tappets” is serviced generally on cars older then 1980’s as new cars have a self adjusting system.
  • Power steering fluid: Replaced as scheduled and check regularly, this fluid allows you to turn your vehicle at low speeds.
  • Drive belt: needs to be tensioned properly to ensure that your air-conditioner, power steering, alternator and possibly your water pump is working correctly
  • Clutch fluid: is actually brake fluid but is located in the clutch master cylinder and allows you to change gears.

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Published: Sunday 29 August 2021