Land Rover Servicing Mechanical Repairs

Land Rover Servicing – why is it important?

Land Rovers and Range Rovers aren’t built just to look nice, they are built to be reliable and to get you from A to B safely. For the manufactures to be able to do this, they put all the parts through rigorous testing. Each component needs to be tested to ensure they work well together. Although all these things are tested, they work under stress and have a finite life. Hence, your car needs to be serviced regularly.

When a Land Rover service is performed, the components are tested to ensure they conform to safety regulations and can often need replacing either straight away or in the near future.

Scheduling a Land Rover Servicing with Sydney’s Land Rover Engine Specialists – Automotive Skills – includes the following checks:

  • Air filter: if the air filter gets clogged up, you could contaminate your engine causing it to wear and also effect its performance
  • Coolant: Regulates the temperature of the engine. If this is not serviced regularly, your engine will overheat which will effect performance and in some extreme cases cause the engine to seize – and then you’d be up for a new engine
  • Cabin filter: needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced at intervals. It removes containments such as mould and dust from entering the cabin.
  • Brake fluid flush: needs to be flushed or replaced to ensure your brakes work effectively.
  • Engine oil and filter: The oil lubricates and keeps the engine cool. If this is not maintained regularly then your engine may wear or even seize.
  • Fuel Filter: Usually a paper cartridge, the fuel filter will remove foreign particles from your fuel system. If neglected it will clog up and your vehicles performance will drop.

In our next article, we will explore some of the other reasons keeping your Land Rover engine and other components running smoothy is vital.

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Published: Wednesday 25 August 2021