Automotive Skills Land Rover Specialist Mechanic

Why do you need a Land Rover Specialist Mechanic to service your car?

We’ve all heard – if not been a victim- of a terrible mechanic. There’s nothing worse that when you pick your car up, pay the big bill, only to realize a few weeks later that your car has not been fixed – if not it comes back in worse condition! Not only are you out of pocket (by sometimes a lot) you can’t get from A to B safely.
This would NEVER happen in our workshop, and let me tell you why.

The first reason, and probably the most important :

Our entire team love their jobs. Each individual that works at Automotive skills takes pride in their work and they are committed to providing you with the absolute best service (both for you and your car). We are 100% Australian owned and operated – giving you the peace of mind that you are supporting local.

The second reason is training:

Our team take pride in their work and continue to upskill and improve where ever possible. The car world in ever – changing and the team make sure they are always up to date for whatever car troubles you may have.

The third is price:

Whether you are looking for a vehicle, for parts or for servicing you will be happy to know we are competitive and fair when it comes to pricing. We wont rip you off and will always give you a fair, honest price for whatever you need.

Our mission is to serve all your automotive needs, delivering the best quality of used genuine parts. In addition, we will ensure that you receive the very best care and service every time.
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Published: Sunday 2 January 2022