The all-new Range Rover Sport has finally been unveiled!

This newest model is the most dramatic redesign yet, and it was only fitting that it was revealed it in an equally dramatic fashion. Guests at the exclusive event were the first to see this beauty in the flesh – and we know they were blown away.

With its imposing stance and muscular design, the new Range Rover Sport is sure to turn heads when it hits Australian roads. This is one vehicle that demands attention and respect.

It was a truly unique experience for the guests of the event showcasing the new Range Rover Sport. Through innovative cinematic visuals, they were taken on an unforgettable journey into a giant canyon surrounded by Icelandic rock, with rushing water reverberating around them and beneath their feet. An hour into the event, the room went dark and illuminated LEDs descended along the walls to create an awe-inspiring reveal of the new models.

To further illustrate their features and capabilities, TV hosts Mark Beretta and Nikki Phillips expertly took guests through a realistic tour of off-road adventures – from mountain passes to river crossings – before inviting them to explore the vehicles for themselves.

Published: Monday 12 December 2022