Land Rover Defender in Tasmania

Our Land Rover Specialists have all agreed that your Land Rover is going to love these 4WD adventures in Tasmania. For Tassie’s small size, it sure does pack a lot of punch when it comes to some epic 4WDt tracks.

East west 4×4 trail.

This track is located in Wellington Park and spans about 20km. But don’t let the distance fool you – the completion time is around four hours! On the track you can expect all the terrains your vehicle loves; steep rocky slopes, soft sandy patches, challenging climbs and muggy bogs. We recommend only the experienced attempt this track and with a convoy as the weather and track can be pretty unpredictable.
To visit this track be sure to grab a permit here

Southport lagoon

This track will get all your Instagram followers booking the next boat over! This track is located close to Ida bay and is complete paradise – offering the best camping, fishing, kayaking and swimming spots along any 4wd in Tassie. Our Land Rover specialists love this track as it is only 6km but offers some good, tricky parts consisting of sandy, wet, rocky and muddy obstacles. It also doesn’t require a permit but you defiantly want your car to have a high clearance before you tackle this track.
Check out some epic pictures here

Any adventure you choose, you’ll need a Land Rover specialists to give your vehicle a once over to be sure its up to spec. Contact us here to book your car in today!

Published: Sunday 19 December 2021