Defender in south australia

Ngarkat Conservation Park.

Our Land Rover specialist love this park, and for good reason. The terrain is a mix of desert and rocky. It is about 300km east of Adelaide and has a good range of tracks from the inexperienced to the hardcore Land Rover four-wheel driving enthusiasts.

About the Park

It is recommended that you should only explore this park from April to September as the hotter months can ruin your trip. As you enter the park you are welcomed by mallee scrub, heathlands and sand dunes, confirming your choice of choosing this park as your destination.

The park has campsites scattered through the park with a few of them having amenities – which is perfect if you plan on exploring the park over a few days. Please keep in mind that you do have to book ( advance as there is no phone reception at the park.

As most of the tracks run into or come off the main track (Border Track) it is highly recommended that you have a support vehicle with you – which also means that you can share this epic experience with some other 4WD enthusiasts.

Depending on how much time you have there is various tracks you can tackle from short half day trips or multi day tracks.

If you want to see what your Land Rover is capable of and your equipped with all the right stuff then this park is for you. We loved the challenge of the sand dunes and some off grid time with some mates, making this a truly epic weekender.


Oh and FYI this is a no dog zone – so leave your furry mates at home!

Published: Sunday 21 November 2021