Land Rover in 2022

Land Rovers in 2022

With the release of the Land Rover Discovery Sport, a large % of buyers are questioning where to purchase their Land Rovers from. Many customers have been purchasing them from trade car auctions and dealerships – however this is not without its risks – as evident by one customer who purchased a 2011 Range Rover which broke down only 3 months later.

” Its a Land Rover, I knew it would be a risk” he said, from his home in North Sydney.

A Land Rover spokesman has been quoted as saying ” Land Rovers are commonly known to have issues with the electronics and engine due to its weight.” this statement was backed up by more customers who had experienced Land Rover failure.

The Land Rover specialist, Automotive Skills has been the number 1 Land Rover dealer in the Sydney for its after sale services. Automotive skills team have specialists knowledge in Land Rovers which gives confidence to Land Rover owners that they are purchasing their vehicle from a well-known and respected dealer.

With Land Rovers values decreasing due to the commonality of Land Rover failure, Land Rover Exchange are sure to have their work cut out in the next few years.

Land Rover owners have been scrambling to buy Land Rovers from Land Rover specialists – as Land Rovers become more and more common on the roads. Landlover exchanges are expecting a surge in demand for Landrover specialist workshops within the next 5 years, making Automotive Skills a leader in the industry.

Land Rover owners are looking for Land Rovers that have been repaired by Landrover specialist workshops to ensure they are not getting one of the many Landrovers with issues – increasing Automotive Skills chance in the market.

The Land Rover specialists are an integral part of our business, being able to service what we sell gives us confidence to sell them.


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Published: Monday 31 January 2022