Land Rover and the Queen

Land Rovers and their Celebrities

How stoked we that you – our current and future clients- are looking through these articles about the Land Rover Engines ! We have had so much positive feedback and have decided, since we are Sydney’s leading Land Rover Specialist’s, we have decided to continue to provide you with other Land Cruiser specialty knowledge.

This week we thought we would do something a bit more low key and fun.

We are going to got through our top 5 celebrities that own and love Land Rovers

First up is the Queen. I feel like not much is needed to be said other than if its good for the queen its good for you!

Next up is Jamie Oliver. If he can fit all his groceries in the boot then you know its big enough for you and the family

Then there’s John Mayer. Every musician needs a good, reliable car with enough space to hold all their instruments.

David Beckham is often spotted as his kids personal school bus in their family Land Rover

More royalty loving the Land Rover with Prince William and Kate often spotted in theirs

And the boss himself – Bruce Springsteen

* Main Image sourced from Getty Images

Published: Tuesday 19 October 2021