Alexa in Land Rover
As Land Rover fanatics, we were super pumped to hear that Land Rover vehicles with the Pivi Point infotainment system will have access to Amazon Alexa.

What does this mean?

It means that you will have your home Alexa literally at your fingertips every time you get in you car! No more trying to remember what that shopping list item was until you get home, or chceking the staus of your delivery – Alexa will be there waiting to answer and help you every time your hands are on the wheel and your watching the road (also means no more pulling over to check your phone – yippee!)

Things to note:

  • If your Land already has the Pivi Point infotainment system then you are all ready set up! The Alexa update will come to your car via the software-over-the air system and you will be notified once its done – also how to activate Alexa
  • Just ask feature – meaning you can control the music, navigation, hear the news and even check the weather all without one look at your phone
  • Seamless integration with the Pivi Point infotainment system making voice control simple and easy
  • Roll out has already begun! (early Feb 2022)
  • Security: you can check on your car from where ever you are! No more running back to make sure the windows are all up!

Start enjoying the simple things and upgrade your Land Rover with us today!

Published: Sunday 20 February 2022