Land Rover is going green

Land Rover is going green!

Being Sydney’s number one Land Rover Service provider, we keep up to date with all things Land Rover. That’s why when they announced they were aiming at zero emissions by 2036 we had to learn more.

FCEVs generate electricity to power an electric motor and provide high energy density and rapid refueling, with minimal loss of range in low temperatures. This makes the technology ideal for larger, longer-range vehicles, or those operated in either hot or cold environments. Globally the number of FCEVs has nearly doubled since 2018, with hydrogen refueling stations increasing more than 20%. By 2030, it is forecast that there could be more than 10 million hydrogen-powered FCEVs with 10,000 refueling stations around the world.

The model:

Will be the defender with the chunky SUV dashing to 62mph in under seven seconds and hitting top speeds of 130mph. It’s also able to reach around 40 miles on electric power alone “and you’d have to be a long way from the catchment area for that to be used up in a school run”. Because hybridisation “was always part of the plan”, the car seamlessly accommodates its new electric motor and 15kw battery pack. The new 1.5-litre engine “memorably and effectively” boosts the hybrid to a “competitive level”, supporting the electric motor “without fuss or delay”.

Land Rover’s advanced engineering project, known as Project Zeus, will allow engineers to understand how a hydrogen powertrain can be optimised to deliver the performance and capability expected by customers, including range, refueling, towing and off-road ability. The advanced zero tailpipe emission prototype New Defender FCEV will begin testing towards the end of 2021.

We are so excited about this news and to learn everything about the new Defender. As always we do the research and the work to make Land Rover ownership as easy as possible for you!

Published: Sunday 31 October 2021