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Aussie Land Rover owners we love.

Here at Automotive Skills, we love other Land Rover enthusiasts!

First up is Land Rover Addict ( These guys know how to get you get you drooling. The pictures they put up give you cravings for a new Land Rover and the reels and stories make you want to pack your bags and go on that next adventure. They showcase some of the best builds from around the world in some of the best locations (also whilst doing some pretty epic things!). These Land Rover enthusiasts keep us pumped to continue to deliver exceptional service to you and your vehicle.

Then we have Aulro ( The site is super basic but very easy to navigate. These guys have some great blogs on all topics land rover. They have a page for each model and also dive into some pretty technical stuff. So if you want to read up on some mechanical stuff or just to have a look at some pictures head on over.

The Tales of Land Rover ( HOLY MOLY these guys custom rebuilds are truly a piece of art. Located right here in Sydney, they are pretty much our neighbor and we love their work. Their Instagram feed is truly one to drool over and we highly recommend giving them a follow.

On Facebook there’s Range Rover & Land Rover Lovers page ( Which has some pretty awesome pictures and videos of different Land Rovers across the world and also some Land Rover shops which showcase some pretty epic looking builds.

And last but not least, someone we had to include is Land Rover themselves( With a multitude of platforms across Facebook, Instagram as well as their own site/blog. They have everything in every language. Sign up to their emailing list and get all the need to know straight to your inbox.


Published: Sunday 7 November 2021