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Jaguar XF 250 – Stop Start Battery (cx23-10c655-ab)

The Jaguar XF X250 is a luxury sports sedan produced by Jaguar Land Rover from 2007 to 2015. The XF X250 features a number of advanced features, including a stop-start system designed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

The stop-start system relies on a specialized battery, known as the CX23-10C655-AB. This battery is designed to provide additional power and durability for the frequent engine starts and stops that occur with the stop-start system.

The CX23-10C655-AB battery is a 12-volt AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, which uses a specialized technology to hold the electrolyte (acid) in place with a fiberglass mat. This design makes the battery more resistant to vibration, shock, and leakage, making it well-suited for use in the demanding automotive environment.

It’s worth noting that while the stop-start system can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, it may also place additional strain on the battery and other electrical components. As such, it’s important to use the correct battery, like the CX23-10C655-AB, and to have the electrical system checked regularly to ensure proper operation.

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