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The most epic 4WD tracks your Land Rover will love in QLD – as voted by our very own Land Rover Specialists.

So previously our Land Rover specialists have only voted on about 1 or 2 4WD tracks in other states, but it seems there are too many epic ones across QLD. Below, we have just done a short snippet of our favorites so you can decide which ones are best for you!

D’aguilar National Park

The 4WD part of this park is located in the northern section. It is located about 70km from Brisbane, making it the perfect day trip or camping weekend. This park is known for its open pine forest and eucalyptus woodlands, freshwater creeks and amazing rain forests. You can access lookouts over the Somerset and Wivenhoe dams, and on a super clear day you can even see Brisbane city! There are some really beautiful walks and swims to do here so we would defiantly recommend taking the weekend to explore this wonderland. Be sure to check out the QLD parks site for park information and also to book camping!

Check out the details for this park on the QLD parks site here

Moreton Island

This Island seriously has us drooling. I mean, who needs a 4WD track when you can have am entire 4WD island?!
Before you get here you must obtain a travel and camping permit from parks QLD. But it is 100% worth the hassel. It is over 420kms of pure 4WD adventure. Filled with rugged tracks and sandy dunes, you’ll be frothing to get back here as soon as you leave. You of course have to be mindful of tide times (it is an island!) and creek crossings but other then that your Land Rover will be in its element!
There is some pretty epic Youtube videos about this epic little piece of paradise, so if you don’t believe us check it our for yourself!

Check out the details for this park on the QLD parks site here

14 River crossing

I think its name says it all, but I will say it again – 14 RIVER CROSSINGS!!!
This track is located in The Condamine Gorge and located a short drive from Brisbane. This track is known for letting beginner 4WD’s to get a good taste of what four-wheel driving is all about (although it is still recommended to bring the correct recovery gear and travel with a mate). It crosses the gorge you guessed it, 14 times and has some pretty epic scenery of the Southern Downs and Scenic Rim ranges. As with most river crossing tracks be sure your vehicles clearance is high enough!

Check out the details for this park on the QLD parks site here

To get your Land Rover up to shape to visit some of these epic spots be sure to book in with us today!

Published: Sunday 12 December 2021